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Dedicated ~ Experienced ~ Qualified

My name is Bill Conrad and I am the member of the NYS Assembly for the 140th Assembly district. As lifelong residents of the Town of Tonawanda, my wife and I could not think of a better place to raise our family. I have been active in our community throughout my life and I had the honor of serving on the Town of Tonawanda Town Board for five years.

My vision for serving is based on my core values and commitment to building strong communities through Sustainability, Innovation, and Education . As a member of the NYS education committee, Social Studies Teacher and coach for the past twenty years, I have firsthand knowledge of our educational system and have engaged on a daily basis with our most precious asset: our children. They deserve a strong educational system that is reflexive and responsive. Especially, as we have returned to school from distance learning.

The 140th has faced with many challenges in the past four years. As a team, we successfully navigated the closure of our biggest Tax Payer: The NRG Huntley plant. We helped to build a coalition of government, community activists, business and labor. Together, we fought for a state mitigation fund and wrote a plan for our future: Tonawanda Tomorrow. As one of the facilitators for this plan, we rethought what the Tonawandas could become through innovation and civic engagement.

Over the past five years, we have fought for the closure of polluters and worked with companies to develop and create good paying jobs. As Town Board member, I led our team to further our commitment to sustainability by achieving NYSERDA Clean energy community designation and running a Solarize campaign to help educate residents of not only the Town of Tonawanda but our neighbors as well. We have taken a landfill and partnered with a private Solar company to create a “bright-field” by placing solar panels on its surface and generating low cost, clean energy. A role I continue to lead on as a member of the NYS assembly Energy and Science and Technology committees.

I believe that my core values and vision for our community, along with your support would make me a successful candidate to continue our voice in the NYS Assembly. I am working very hard and would appreciate your consideration of my candidacy. 

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